Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well, long time, no write!

For those of you who had been keeping updated on Bourne Library's activities via the blog, we sincerely apologize for the very long hiatus. We are back, though, and will not abandon you again!

The crisp fall days that we love so much on the Cape seem to be here early, so now's a great time to switch gears from beach books to items to read by a crackling fire. If you have any suggestions for good books to read during a chilly Sunday afternoon, feel free to post them here. In the meantime, here are a few books on some JBPL staff''s pleasure reading list:

The Guy not Taken, by Jennifer Weiner. This Philadelphia native does her first foray into short stories, and they are great. Witty, sad, romantic, wistful, Weiner's stories offer glimpses into the lives of women whom you will recognize, in yourself or in someone you know. Weiner had previously enjoyed success with Good in Bed and In Her Shoes, among others. Weiner is a talented author whose works rise above the dismissive "chick lit" moniker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wareham Free Library is broke, broken, decertified and facing privatization. Bourne, MA was, you may recall, part of Wareham until 1884. We are quite literally kin...


...and you've turned a deaf ear to us.

Jonathan Bourne's Bourne and soul is about to get sold. Mine, too. I live directly across the street.

I am begging you to help.

William Palmer Whitehouse

1:44 PM  

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